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Lizzie’s Blog Episode 9

The Pottiness continues it seems. Off the train from London on Thursday evening, straight to Southwell for our late night shopping event. So many lovely people there enjoying the first of the Christmas festivities. The Friday I had in mind though did need to be revised it seems. I secured the honour of making the […]

Lizzie’s Blog Episode 8.

The big C word is almost here, so as a change of track instead of the 12 days of Christmas I thought I would give you the 12 days of Lizzie!  Here Is a little of my life with one or 2 pictures, 12 days in the life of the potty florist Apprentice candidate that […]

Lizzie’s Blog Episode 7.

In the land that is Elizabeth world, all sorts of interesting things are happening at the moment. We have an event on this week for a client and are doing a little winter wonderland sort of thing,  here is a sneaky peeky of some of the arrangements we are making.   I’ve decided that both […]

Lizzie’s Blog Episode 6.

In the land that is Elizabeth world it has been a steady ship this week. THANK THE LORD! I do wonder sometimes how many disasters, mishaps and accidents one can cope with in a given week.  Lets get into the nitty gritty of what has gone on I’m sure there is a little surprize somewhere, […]

Lizzie’s Blog Episode 5.

In the land that is Elizabeth world, I have been in a“>pigeon accident. Slap bang in the middle of my face, in the middle of Nottingham the other day. He was coming in to land and I dare say thought I was a soft target! All my top tips videos are all ready to […]

Lizzie’s Blog Episode 4.

In the land that is Elizabeth world, the tecknickable challenges that are faced by a florist have been Everest like this week. Picture it, and we have all been there, death of fruit like brand name pocket sized computer that you speak on decides to contract the black death. Having said that, a big thanks […]

Lizzie’s Blog Episode 3.

In the land that is Elizabeth world, there have been some challenges this week. One of the most difficult was to remember the login details for this blog! You may guess I have been successful on this front. Another success! Lizzies Bundles my new website goes live today! Check it out, I am offering some…

Lizzie’s Blog Episode 2.

In the land that is Elizabeth world, life has continued in general pottyment. I believe this is a word, well if not then I’m faffling. I was honoured to be invited to the Nottingham Post Heros Awards on Wednesday 11th October and presented an award. A truly inspirational evening. Friday the 13th saw the advent…

Lizzie’s Blog Episode 1.

In the land that is Elizabeth world, life has been a little bit potty this week. Highlights include putting a pie in the face of the manager of Marks and Spencer for Macmillan fund raising and a lovely lady in Southwell on Sunday who gave me a high five. Taking the dogs for a walk…

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