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Bundle Care

Some easy steps to bundle care
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We pack them up with a little water for transport and send them off with our carrier door to door.

They are ready to be put in a vase, a pint pot,  tea pot, or any other type of pot you wish.


Care of your bundle

When you recieve your bundle, follow the instructions on your transport box to unpack them.

The wrapping is in two parts, the water bubble and the collar, you can leave the collar on or take it off.

Remove the box from the bottom of the bundle. Remove the lower wrapping cellophane, careful you may need to release water from the water bubble we have tied into the bottom of the bundle.

There is no need to untie the bundle any further than taking the water bubble off, though you may wish to do so.

Take care to recut them stems at an angle, this refreshes the flowers ability to drink.

Put fresh cold water in a clean pot and add the flower food included to the ratio suggested. You can save some food for when you change the water.


Place the flowers in the pot

Try to keep your flowers away from heat sources or frost, lots of light, breezes or drafts. The flowers will be happier and will live for longer.

Change the water, recut the stems and clean the vase regularly. Just think, if you wouldnt want to drink the water in the vase, would your flowers?

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