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Elizabeth McKenna

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Hi I am Elizabeth!

I am the florist behind Lizzie’s Bundles. You may recognise me from the BBC Apprentice 2017 – I finished in 4th place. My full name is Elizabeth McKenna and yes I am the potty florist from Nottingham.

I have been working away in my flower store in Nottingham for several years, designing hand tied flower bundles every day. I was born in Australia, I still have my Australian passport, and have lived in the UK since 1991.

My mum is from Leicestershire and she was a £10 Pom. I trained to become a florist at Brooksby College, Leicestershire, qualifying in 1997. My first business was called Busy Lizzies, which I set up at when I was 19 supported by the Princes Trust. Since then I have worked as a florist in all manner areas floral, trained and worked as a floristry lecturer and as an apprenticeship trainer.

Life in the flower shop can get a little potty, I am a bit bonkers, but that’s the fun of it. I never know what is gonna happen from day to day.

I love my working with flowers. They are delicate and fleeting and need a little bit of care, just like people. I want to make you something lovely. Because of this, you know that your bundle and the reason for it has had some love along the way.
For any media enquiries please email eliz@elizabethmckennaflowers.co.uk

Please send any enquiries for me personally to eliz@elizabethmckennaflowers.co.uk

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Elizabeth McKenna