Oct 24, 2017

In the land that is Elizabeth world, life has continued in general pottyment. I believe this is a word, well if not then I’m faffling. I was honoured to be invited to the Nottingham Post Heros Awards on Wednesday 11th October and presented an award. A truly inspirational evening.

Friday the 13th saw the advent of Scary Liz tweets from BBC Apprentice. Made me laugh out loud. But also saw the filming of our Lizzies Bundles trailer.

However life being absolutely crackers, as we were shooting the delivery Shots at Mr Manns House across the road, Poor old Numpty Van had someone reversed into her parked outside the West Bridgford store. You know that slow motion when your just see something happening and scream nooooooooo!! Good news is the dent popped out, So the little old lady driver who was so worried hasn’t got to worry.

Thanks to Rebecca and Richard for some fab wedding images, this week.

A big thankyou to everyone who has wished me luck this week,  tweet me your good luck messages like Helen the other day.
So………. You want to know what happens in this weeks apprentice.  All I can say is  everybody was kung foo fighting ……… those cats were fast as lightning…… le me tell you it was a little bit frightnin ….

I shall never think of a robot.. or James in the same way again.

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