Oct 31, 2017

In the land that is Elizabeth world, there have been some challenges this week. One of the most difficult was to remember the login details for this blog! You may guess I have been successful on this front.

Another success! Lizzies Bundles my new website goes live today! Check it out, I am offering some supper discount vouchers for the website to new clients.

I would like to extend my apologies to BBC Apprentice fans who are subject to my double fist pump in the boardroom, now being used to promote tonights episode

Other challenges this week include dog discipline. Naughty Daisy decided to zip into the local Co op in the split second I was trying to untie her from the trolley store area. Cheeky little monkey was running around the joint like a queen bee, checked out everyone in the queue’s shopping baskets and made sure the fresh bread was indeed fresh. Dilemma, do I run in with Matilda on her lead quickly or let more havoc occur and retie Matilda up? These are the tough decisions I am faced with daily.

I have been measuring again, this time for our new reception desk, we have had a wrought iron frame made,.. and yes .. not quite right with the internal gaps were not quite 60cm, so we have had our power tools out at West Bridgford store. … for the wooden shelves and worktop, not the iron!

This weekend saw the annual British Florist Association Fleurex exhibition. It’s our the florists trade fair. I met with suppliers including Heemskerk and had the pleasure of seeing friends old and new. It was held at the Hilton Metropole this year at the NEC Birmingham
The support I have received from our industry has been heart warming.
So many people including Hannah Webster approached me to wish me success.
We may be a small industry as florists but we are a community and I have been so very touched by everyone’s sincere support.
I thank you all, I am doing my very best.
We have some lovely images coming through from this Summer’s weddings …


So………. You want a little sneaky peeky at tonight’s apprentice, I’m just going to say I needed a red wine or two when it was all done with, how many glasses in a bottle? Never mind that I shall just take the bottle…

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