Nov 28, 2017


In the land that is Elizabeth world, the tecknickable challenges that are faced by a florist have been Everest like this week. Picture it, and we have all been there, death of fruit like brand name pocket sized computer that you speak on decides to contract the black death. Having said that, a big thanks to the staff at Leicester Highcross, upon whose mercy I was placed today, I have a shiny new phone, I am just hoping that it is indeed cloud backed up.

Lizzies Bundles  are being warmly received, we are in the process of designing our festive collection, believe it or not we have holly around already. Eek!!!

lizzies bundles1

If some of you have been monitoring the Apprentice previews online, you may see I got a bit more than I bargained for in tonights episode lets just say its a good job that theres no smell detectors on HD tv, those boots were particularly whiffy to the point camambert, they were comfy though!



Size 10’s perfect!


Other challenges this include chatting to a group of local businesses who are my piers. Speaking about my values in business today at the Rushcliffe business partnership.

You don’t go very far in life without knowing where you come from. My first proper job was working on a fruit and veg stall on Loughborough Market. This is where I cut my teeth in business. I learned to find the deal, close a sale, interact and engage with people at their level. This is where I earned not learned my work ethic, how to knuckle down and get the job done.    The skills I learned on the market have served me well. I also developed the art of banter and learnt just how far a good sense of humour goes.

My values are simple honest values, I wear my heart on my sleeve, what you see is what you get. But don’t confuse banter and humour with a lack of professionalism or intelligence. They are very different things. Having said that, my kitchen is somewhat like a bombsite this week.  It must mean I’m busy!


alexandra and craig

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So me and the mutts are going to settle down for the evening. I think we have earned it a good night in with some good tv this week.
Thanks for reading my blog xx
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