Nov 28, 2017

In the land that is Elizabeth world it has been a steady ship this week. THANK THE LORD! I do wonder sometimes how many disasters, mishaps and accidents one can cope with in a given week.  Lets get into the nitty gritty of what has gone on I’m sure there is a little surprize somewhere, at least in real life, there’s a bit of an problem in The Apprentice land this week. It doesn’t go completely to plan.

I have been furiously working on both my websites lately, Flowers by Susan is looking quite snazzy at the moment,

IMG_0701and just in case you are not sure if its my site or not there are 6 pictures of me in the in the top 3rd of the homepage. Just to let you all know my Christmas masterclass workshop has a few spaces remaining so please do get booked in for a festive treat on Saturday 2nd December.

In The Apprentice land, I think this week is a corker possibly for some of the wrong reasons perhaps.IMG_0693

I do love ducks but this is not the correct footwear for such an environment my shoes look good though. Sometimes I miss my wellies!

One thing that comes to mind at the moment is that in the workplace, its often about people.

This is very much the case when I think about some of our weddings, we put the finishing touches on those days in our lives when people mean the most.


But it is also about the people you work with, and when the proverbial s&£# hits the fan. It’s how you get the job done that counts.

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