Nov 29, 2017

The big C word is almost here, so as a change of track instead of the 12 days of Christmas I thought I would give you the 12 days of Lizzie!  Here Is a little of my life with one or 2 pictures,

12 days in the life of the potty florist Apprentice candidate that is Elizabeth McKenna. Its no wonder I’m barking mad!!!

Wednesday … working in flower shop,  Oh, filming trailers in a Nottingham studio, then all sorts of pc stuff, and overseeing the event for the next day, home more pc stuff, watch the prennie,  more pc stuff, bed at after midnight

Thursday….  into work,  run around like mad things, load 2 vans, get 5 feet before 2nd van driver flower lady say, we have to change the load, so unpack and repack van. get to Crewe, do major set up,,, stop have breakfast/lunch at 3pm, send 2nd van home  back to finish set up, then go see a bff in  Manchester,

meet a lovely Cheshire cat called Ella,


come back to venue and wait for revellers to cease revelling, in very cold van, at 2am  fish out glassware and stands, fuel up on coffee, drive back in bed for 4.30,  very happy puppies as hot water bottles tell me about how they really missed me.. err not….. when the wendy came to look after them

Friday … well we are already on Friday… up at 9am  breakfast at café cause ive no food in, bride lady meeting at around noon, go meet a hotel client, home, paperwork/pc til bedtime 11pm

Saturday … ahh chill day, work 9 – 3 in store, product development photo shoot for Lizzies bundles.


random tv wake up on sofa with crick in the neck and glasses pressing on my head sideways, mark doesn’t go for 2 days

Sunday … go for a run/walk /crawl, see horsey friends for coffee at yard enroute, dogs partake of horse poo for brunch,

go fetch mother dearest and get her tipsy on g&t  at family do, drive 2 hours back, watch brad ugger ugger pitt film, more pc stuff bed at 1am

Monday … my day off?  Alarm at 7.30, hit snooze a few too many times, get a cup of tea then ring radio station, do my phone interview under 2 sofa duvets in my jim jams, write prep for meeting on Tues, go gym, go to next meeting at University business school #throwback, go to store,  personally deliver flowers for a client, go to bank, home, pc til midnight and a bit longer, during this time have a manuka honey facepack strangely sticky peel off, well recommended, don’t get it in your eyebrows though.

Tuesday … 5am market, buy on auctions by 8am, photoshoot at store til 1pm, including makeup artist in the office! with my accountants new puppy Bella in tow, she is 13 weeks and feisty


ewww get me.. working with a very worthy cause relating to food banks in Nottingham, meeting with clients at 2pm,  meeting at hotel clients at 4pm,  home, clean house burglar clean standard so dogs can trash it for house sitter  and so I can go to London without feeling like a messy scritter at home

Wednesday  … go to market, go Christmas cone potty


train to London lunch meeting, evening meeting…maybe watch the prennie?

Thursday …  more meetings , homeward bound train at 3pm, arrive Nottingham 5pm, drive to late night shopping event southwell  store til 9pm

Friday … just a day in a store, hopefully we shall see!!

Saturday … day in store with lots of lovely bride ladies

Sunday… collapse?