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Have a Lizzies Bundles Subscription!

The Lizzies Subscription Bundles subscription is my regular flower bundle delivery service from just £25.00
  • Great for home. The perfect gift of regular flowers for a friend or your own home.
  • Great for business. It is a cost effective option for reception flowers or can be used congratulate your employee of the month.
Unlike other subscription services I will give you a high quality flower bundle and personal service.

Your Lizzies Bundle is made from super fresh A1 florist grade quality flowers all chosen by me and made up by myself and my assistant.

  • The bundle will have a water pad to keep it super fresh during transport,
  • It is sent with a gift card, care instructions and flower food.
  • Dispatched as a doorstep bundle via royal mail or our carrier partner for our luxury ranges. 
Lizzies Subscription Bundles cost
  • from £25 for our flower shop bundle
  • to £119 bundle for our luxury posy and bundles
Our subscriptions are flexible and tailored for you
  • You can cancel at any time via our payment portal
  • With free bundles for ongoing subscriptions every 6th bundle
  • We personally manage each subscription and if you would like your bundle to be sent as a gifts we will check in to personalise your message and recipient details
  • We recommend bundles are dispatched on Wednesday for Thursday delivery.

I will choose your flowers myself and make them super lovely. Perfect as a gift to someone special or maybe that someone special is you


Elizabeth McKenna