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The Pottiness continues it seems.
Off the train from London on Thursday evening, straight to Southwell for our late night shopping event. So many lovely people there enjoying the first of the Christmas festivities.

The Friday I had in mind though did need to be revised it seems.
I secured the honour of making the presentation posy for Meghan Markle for the first Official engagement that she and Prince Harry would make together.  Such an honour to be able to make any royal presentation posy, let alone the very first posy for her.


So Friday was a 4am start. I prepared and made the posy, The Nottingham Post sent a photographer to take photos of it. Then we delivered the posy to the Nottingham Academy who were doing the presentation.


Following this I went to see Harry and Meghan in the centre of Nottingham. Whilst in the crowd was seen by ITV’S This Morning, Apparently I am Rylan Clark’s Woman of the Week! Little oll me!

Saturday though did go to plan, I met several lovely bride ladies and we have some exciting plans for some lovely 2018 weddings.

Wow so another week beckons, lets see what comes of it. Lots of work to do getting our Christmas ranges ready set go. Holly, Christmas trees and the odd sprigg of mistletoe too.  There is always so very much to do for the Christmas season when you are a florist. Because we make everything there are so many different little places that we get our foliage and bits pieces from.

On a different tack, my puppy Daisy has decided she is a contortionist / acrobat. Ive come home to find my travel money debit card chewed up, yet it is on the kitchen island.. How so?  Crawl onto a dining chair seat under the kitchen table, front paws and head come from under chair then in some sort of upwards commando roll we emerge onto the kitchen table, from there it’s a simple case of step over and what shall I munch!


Elizabeth McKenna