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What are Lizzie’s Bundles?

What are Lizzie's bundles? It's simple!
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Lizzie’s Bundles are just that… bundles of flowers…  tied by hand….  with a little love… by me…. Lizzie….. and my team of helpers… who are as bonkers as me!… You may recognise me as Elizabeth from the BBC Apprentice.

We fill each Lizzie’s bundle with as many stems of fresh flowers as we can… plus a little foliage too… All fresh picked daily….. and winging its way to you.

Wrapped simply…. sent with a personal bundle note…. You can send a Lizzie’s bundle as a gift… or treat yourself!

The concept of Lizzie’s Bundles has come from the part of working with flowers that I enjoy the most and what I feel is the essence of good floristry. That is, the joy of finding those special little somethings, and putting them together fresh that day for people to enjoy. Simple tied bundles offered at the best possible value, no nonsense, just honest good value, fresh flowers, tied and wrapped simply and sent out tip top fresh.

I want people to be able to easily purchase a bundle of flowers and leave it to myself and my team of florists to make you something special, using our skills and knowledge to make you a lovely bundle of loveliness, a Lizzie’s Bundle.
So take a sneaky peaky at our bundle choice.



Elizabeth McKenna